Thursday, September 5, 2013

All About Me.....Challenge #1

What a great idea....not mine, of course...but a group of us "crazies" are answering blogging prompts designed, I guess, to get us going.  The first assignment...answer the question; "Who am I" in 20 lines.
This feels awkward but here I go....


1.   almost 65 and not terribly afraid to age
2.   the mother of two sons of whom I am very proud
3.   a wife of nearly 40 years to a wonderful man
4.   the older sister of my brother
5.   the proud aunt of four twigs
6.   an amateur genealogist and family historian
7.   a friend to many - I hope
8.   a lover of peace, serenity and quiet altho' I admit to being short-tempered, impatient and irritable at times
9.   a perpetual student
10. a dreamer
11. a retired homemaker
12. a retired therapist
13. not as organized as I wish I were
14. happiest when my children are doing well
15. not as good at keeping in touch as I wish I were
16. too lazy to exercise regularly
17. someone who loves to garden
18. a "wanna be" writer
19. at a pivotal point in my life
20. a believer that there is a plan for us


  1. Love your "Who Am I" statements especially #5 about being "the proud aunt of four twigs."

  2. Like your list, but retired from That's like saying the laundry ever ends.